FVF Cream De Cocoa

Cocoa is well built colt, he is nice and thick. with a lovey head, his head is short with a wide set eyes that are very big and a tiny muzzel.. He has a nice short back. I love this colts neck and he always holds his head high.

He would do well in western pleasure, endurance, or sport horse. He should mature to around 14.2 to 14.3 hands. If giving the chance in the show ring he will take you far! This colt has a lot to offer. He will stand out in that ring with all his color!

He has belly spots (most of his belly is white) High white socks, and a neat wrap around blaze on one side. He can be registered Pinto as well with all his color.

He is Ee Aa W19 color wise from his parents. This means if kept a stallion he can sire, reds, bays, and blacks with a 50% chance of passing his W19 gene.

The W19 gene is one of Many White Spotting genes but only,  that I know of have been found and tested in Arabians. This Gene is the reason Cocoa has the white Pinto like Markings. These markings can be seen from just high whites to max white (born soild white). This gene is NOT like that of LWO found in Frame Overo horses. This colt is PUREBRED Arabian not a Pintabian. His Sire Xtremely Intoxicated is a carrier of the W19 gene, this is where Cocoa got his color from. His Sire is Registered with the Arabian Horse Asst. DNA tested as Purebred. The founder of the W19 gene is the purebred arabian mare  Fantasia VU.

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