Purebred Reg. Arabian Mare foaled in April 30 2004.

Creammy has been my favorite mare for many years. She was broke to ride many years ago and since then we have stopped riding due to not having the time. So she was just used as a broodmare/ pasture pet. She is pretty easy to catch most times. She is not a spooky mare, very calm and easy going. Stands good for the vet and easy to trim. She is a low pecking order mare and can get pushed around easy. She is good in a stall as well.

She is a pretty little mare only standing 14 hands she has very tiny ears and a short face and back.  She has extra white that makes her stand out for sure. She has been passing on her short head and tiny ears to her foals. She is a great mother and has foaled in a open pasture and a stall. She is a easy keeper.

She runs a 20 plus acres pasture exposed to widlife and cattle, a train track is just feet away from our fence and a rock quarry on the other side. She is used to loud noise from the train horn and the quarry. She is used to cars, dogs, tractors, skidsteers, cattle and donkeys. She also crosses water many times a day.

She has been exposed to our Purebred Black Sabino Arabian stallion for 2020 since may. Find Toxic on the stallion page.

(I have a full sibing from 2017)  She has giving me lots of colorful and correct babies!

The only reason I am selling is I am cutting my numbers back and want to keep my taller mares.

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