KLYDE IS A SWEET BOY. He is just a yearling (born in the year 2018). and is ready for his new home.

I guess this boy to get around 14.2 hands. He has good legs. I love this colts body. He is plain in the head but, he sports tiny ears and wide set eyes. 

this boy would make a great endurance or western horse.

He is pure white with little spots on him here and there.. He is not grey in color. his sire R Khasper was the founder of the w3 Arabians  he is a max white like his sire. He is pink skinned all over expect for some black spots around his anus and eyes. His eyes are dark not blue or any spots of blue. He had some color on his ears as a foal but since then shed out white.

He is a super sweet boy and willing to please and loves his food (most do right?)

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His sire R Khasper

His Dam