Xtremely Intoxicated

ToXic is our main man on our  farm. He is sweet and the farm jokester , always doing something odd.

We have hopes of getting him into show doing sport horse in hand and undersaddle.
But at this time he has not been shown.

His sire has been exported to France and has been shown in hand, many of the horses in his lines have gone off to do endurance.

Toxic is 14.2 hands.
SCIDS, CA, and LFS Clear.
Homoz. Black
EE aa W19 (white spotting gene)

How is he purebred and have color?

White Spotting(Formerly Dominant White)

The White Spotting gene is a Kit mutation Like

The many lines of "sabino"  (especially in Arabians) are in fact now known to be White Spotting (w3, w15, w19 and w20) carriers.

R  Khasper was the first Arabian to be tested with a W gene. He was Born solid White from two solid Bay parents.

At the time That R  Khasper was tested it was known only as Dominant White. He was tested and found to be the Founder of the W3 gene. (We also have a R  Khasper son he can be found on our Stallion Page he has the W3 gene)

Other  Purebred Arabians that had pinto/ sabino like markings did not  have the W3 gene, but later with testing and more research  was later found that they had the w15, w19, or w20 (some have not tested for any of these genes yet so there is more w genes to be found)

They changed the name from Dominant White to White Spotting later due to
the fact they were finding other  W genes that did not have a max white expression.

The Pinto like markings were always in Arabians it just wasnt until DNA and blood work started being done to prove that they were indeed purebreds. When the Arabians were being born with more white than normal  they were not getting their papers and sold as grade horses or put down.

Thanks to Blood Work and DNA that is no longer happening!

Purebred Arabians can also have blue eyes.

More pictures of our boy and his papers

Toxic has been proven himself with outstanding foals.

2017 foals

Purebred colt

​Purebred Colt

Purebred Filly

Purebred Filly

Half Arab Colt

2018 Foals

​Purebred Colt

2019 Foals

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